Childhood Sweetheart – Honey

No bullshit indie pop outfit Childhood Sweetheart have recently released their debut single ‘Honey’, an intriguing piece of pop that doesn’t beat around the bush. The five-piece bridges the gap between grit and glamour and brings an empowering energy to the table. Childhood Sweetheart is about empowerment, coming from a place of fragility and vulnerability, and about overcoming obstacles and getting stronger from tough experiences.

‘Honey’ is their opening statement, brooding alternative rock filled with sass and swag but without being overbearing and coming off arrogant. ‘Honey’ is a “bittersweet anthem for disgruntled lovers trying to find a way out, it’s an intimate confession of my disdain for complacency and commitment.”

Childhood Sweetheart show two contrasting yet matching sides of their musical personality, one that is sour and fiery and one that is soft and more fragile. Whichever side you prefer, the band share a message that, according to them, is the on we all need to hear, especially in 2020.

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