Wild Giants – Rose

Besides roses being my favourite type of flower, Wild Giants have just released one of my new favourite singles. ‘Rose’ is the debut single of indie/ alternative rock band Wild Giants and it is a welcome and warm introduction to the bands’ sound. The band are planning to release their debut album somewhere in the near future and I am curious to hear more of their infectious anthemic rock.

‘Rose’ was written to express closure, closure of a past relationship with someone “I felt was The One.” ‘Rose’ is Wild Giants’ way of saying goodbye to all feelings that had past the revue throughout the relationship but it is also a way of asking if it is possible to just be friends… “If I set you free, would you tell me where you go? Could you still long for me? Would you still be my Rose?”

The dark and low pitched vocals of Wild Giants lead us through their almost painful, heart-felt story. It is their smooth and nearly commercial rock sound that made me want to listen again and again. The track has an inventive build up and is filled with captivating harmonies and rhythm-changes, on to more Wild Giants!

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