Jake Benjamin – The Call

An inspiring, angelical, echoing new single has been released by folk/ indie pop artist Jake Benjamin. His new track ‘The Call’ is like a calling from another world, a divine and rather fragile sound that is drenched with his warm and soft voice. ‘The Call’ is the NYC-based singer and songwriter’s third loop-pedal song and talks about the resilience of the human spirit.

“I wrote this song on a loop pedal while I was in graduate school after a series of personal lows in my life. I wanted this song to serve as a spark for anyone who felt like a misfit, an outcast, or a wallflower. The message of this song is you can always come back from any failure or heartbreak; you must keep moving no matter how hurt you are from life.”

Jake knows how to translate delicate messages and emotions into simply but well-packed songs as if they are written for no one yet everyone. ‘The Call’ is an eye-opener, and definitely serves as the sparks it’s meant to be!

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