Mae Krell – wash

Mae Krell‘s ‘home’, her previously released single, had me mesmerised and made me want to know and hear more of Mae. The young artist went straight for the heart with her clean cut vocals and relaxed appearance and does it again with new single ‘wash’. I can’t get over her beautiful voice and how it grabs you by the balls and won’t let go until the end of the song, and even after… ‘wash’ is an incredibly honest message and is as real as they get.

The song features samples of water movement and a bathtub tapping to name just a few examples of how inventively Mae uses sounds. She isn’t your typical twenty-something and shows the struggles that come with growing into yourself and that it’s artwork never truly finished. Mae Krell keeps falling apart and coming back together and she does it through her open-hearted and human pop sound, one that is infectious and recognisable and hard to shake off. Let’s be honest with ourselves, Mae is what we all need a little more of in our lives.

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