Sienne – Can You Hear Me Now?

Rock-inspired four-piece Sienne started their musical journey together in the autumn of 2019 and are making their way through forested woods of indie pop and rocks band, to stand out and leave an impression! Their previous singles received love and attention from local and national radio stations and with new single ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ they show the taste makers they were right to keep an eye and ear out for the band!

‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ is a refreshing combination of filling drums, groovy guitar lines and an anthemic chorus that is hard to get out of your head! The idea for the single came from a demo made by drummer Charlie’s dad in the early 80’s and the band rolled with it to make it suit the rest of the tracks on their EP. “‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ was inspired by the grouped frustration of being left behind and forgotten.”

The soothing and comforting harmonies that introduce us into Sienne’s new song are what make the band stand out. Due to the energy heard in their new release, I decided to give their earlier releases a listen, and all of them lived up to the expectations! So go on, have a listen for yourself now.

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