Sienne – We All Look to the Same Sky

Liverpudlian four-piece Sienne have released their new and soaring alternative pop single ‘We All Look To The Same Sky’. A mellow and rhythmic single, one that sounds like it will be a great live hit especially once festivals return. The rough vocals that lead us through their new release bring just that bit of edge to their overall simple pop sound. Simple or not, it is infectious and Sienne make it nearly impossible not to move along to their newest musical offering!

‘We All Look to the Same Sky’ is also the title track of the bands’ brand new EP, which includes previously featured single ‘Can You Hear Me Now’. The band have created a collection of anthemic pop songs that would fit perfectly on your chill pop playlist. The band describe the process behind the writing of the EP: “This EP was written during a strange time and we had to adapt – generally we write as a unit; an idea may stem from one person but we like to develop as a group, and at first with this EP we could function much like we’re used to, writing together physically in a room.”

“However, as the world began to fall into the COVID hole that we currently still find ourselves in, we had to change our method. Luckily we all have home setups for recording which allowed us to pass ideas along a sort of electronic supply chain, and once restrictions eased slightly to allow us to get in the studio, we did and continued the creative process there. A lot of the themes in the EP reflect the situations we have found ourselves in this year, overwhelmingly the need to spread positivity, and to come together to help one another wherever possible.”

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