Sunflower Thieves – Don’t Mind The Weather

Friends that become musical companions have proven to make great stories in the form of beautiful songs, proven in the past by many artists and proven in the present by folk pop duo Sunflower Thieves. Amy and Lily started bringing together their love for music in 2018 and created a well-recognisable folk pop sound that is bound by sisterhood, nostalgia and heart-warming memories.

Their latest single is a hazy and dreamy folk sound filled with emotion and inspiring stories entwined in each other. As the past year put an abrupt halt to live gigs, the duo found themselves locked away, writing and recording, which resulted in a well-produced sound that is layered and calming. ‘Don’t Mind The Weather’ is a captivating single that introduces the duo with perfectly and showcases why you should know who Sunflower Thieves are.

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