Amy Ellen – This Life

Dublin-based indie folk artist Amy Ellen just released her fourth single, ‘This Life’ is a coming of age pop rock song that talks of maturity and how good things always have an expiration date. It is a punchy and powerful single with elements of 90’s rock yet has also taken inspiration from acoustically-driven songs. The song is part of a series of releases that together will form Amy’s debut EP!

Don’t let her sweet looks fool you, ‘This Life’ is energetic and in your face with no way to escape Amy’s sweet voice but vicious soundscape. Drenched in filthy guitar lines combined with soothing harmonies, ‘This Life’ is pretty much a slice of life. A combination of many things and influences but most of all a pure and honest piece of Amy Ellen. A refreshing blend of folk-inspired pop, indie pop and alternative rock, Amy does it all.

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