Audrey Guinn’s Favourites

Oh the joys of running into emerging artists that blow you away, 12 (!) year old electro pop artist Audrey Guinn is one of those artists I got to run into the other day, her latest and grand sounding single ‘Boy’ was released today which meant that we had to have a quick chat! We talk about inspiration and of course Audrey’s favourites, plus you can listen to ‘Boy’ at the end of the interview!

Where do you find new music?

I find a lot of different music through my art school and my dad! Since I was little, my dad has played a lot of classics, like The Beatles, Elton John, David Bowie and Johnny Cash. My dad also plays a lot of classical music, so I’ve really grown into that. More recently I’ve really gotten into Billie Eilish and Shawn Mendes. 

What is your favourite place to listen and write music?

I tend to write music right before I go to bed because that’s usually when I have time to think. For some weird reason, melodies come to me when I take a shower. Also when I hear a new song that I really like or watch a really awesome music video, I have to start writing!

What activity are you unable to do without music?

My other passion out of many is making Japanese-inspired paper squishes!! In order to do this, I always have to listen to music. Usually classical music or anything zen. Making art and listening to music are like cookies and milk. Or vanilla ice cream and French fries. 

What are your favourite things to do besides music?

Once again, I love to make paper squishes!! I also have a big passion for sailing! I am an Opti sailor and have been sailing for almost five years. I forgot to mention, sailing inspires my music, too. It’s very peaceful and allows my mind to think. I am trained through classical voice singing in the arts school I go to so that’s a huge part of me!

Current Top 10 Songs?

I’ve been listening to some older music as well as new stuff lately. 

Billie Eilish – Therefore I A m
Billie Eilish – When The Party’s Over
Shawn Mendes – Monster
Shawn Mendes – Wonder
Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down
Johnny Cash – Hurt
The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize??
Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out
Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do
Elton John – Levon

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