Premiere: SheLoom – Cracked Glass

Transatlantic indie pop duo SheLoom sent us their new single ahead of its release, with the aim for us to share it exclusively on Music For The Misfits! And with such a hazy, shoegaze-inspired alternative pop sound that is both well-produced and eclectic we just couldn’t say no.

‘Cracked Glass’ is a mixture of surprising compositions, clean harmonies and soft vocals. The single is first recorded of the bands’ upcoming second album and its high energy showcases the subject of the song perfectly. “‘Cracked Glass’ is about an escape from a dystopian world on the brink of implosion.” The duo that formed in 2008 know how to translate those feelings of fear and slight excitement for the unexpected into a song that is hopefully an example of what the album will bring. You can listen to ‘Cracked Glass’ exclusively on here, until its release on the 5th of March when the single will be out on all streaming platforms!

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