David M. Western – Take Your Opportunities

The mellow and soothing voice of David M. Western leads us through his laid back, dreamy new single ‘Take Your Opportunities’. I imagine myself driving around Nevada in a Mustang with the rooftops open, my hair being lifted by the wind and a soft evening sun turning my cheeks red. David painted the picture pretty well with his latest musical offering, and ‘Take Your Opportunities’ is just the hazy folk pop sound I needed at the end of a hectic first day of the week.

The Melbourne-based artist delivers his new sound with insightful lyricism and powerful musical arrangements that have all been elaborated carefully. This single is the second one taken from the forthcoming debut album and follows two people at the beginning of a new relationship. David elaborates on the subject of the single: “I wrote it almost tongue in cheek about a relationship between two people entering into a relationship. Kind of like an ‘are you serious? I can barely cross the street or behave like a real person. How can you afford to take a chance on me?’. I wanted to ramble off things about these characters whose lives were a hot mess and were also looking at themselves saying ‘is this possible for someone to actually want this?’”

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