Sad Boys Club – Could Have Beens (& What Ifs)

An almost reminiscing new single, that questions could have beens and what ifs, wrapped in a nicely built up alternative rock single by UK-based band Sad Boys Club, it’s their new single ‘Could Have Beens (& What Ifs)’. Even though the single could do with some highs and lows at times, it’s a soaring and open-hearted song with a message that is most definitely recognisable to us all. Their grand and filling sound is intriguing and the vocals have a leather-like edge to them, they would have deserved a slightly brighter spotlight throughout the song but the brass sections work just as hard to earn their spotlight!

The band talk a bit about the inspiration behind the song: “The UK has at times felt hostile, isolating, alienating, foreign; this is as much about friends as it is Farage. Navigating what to be vocal about, when to be vocal about it and how to be vocal about it… it’s weird to have to worry about that in the place you call home. You have to choose something to sacrifice or it gets chosen for you – I think that can be an arena in which darkness thrives but in the effort to find your own peace with it you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you.”

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