Imbibe – Everytime

‘Everytime’ is the latest offering of Australian indie rock outfit Imbibe and with this new single the band announces a wonderfully new and hazy sound that is catchy, easy to sing along to and works incredibly well as an alternative lullaby. ‘Everytime’ starts of with a simple and strumming guitar line that flows into an infectious and rhythmic soundscape that paints the picture of soft, pink clouds and a dream land we would all like to wake up in one day.

Imbibe launched themselves onto our radar with their smooth pop sound infused with elements of alternative rock and a bit of folk. It is their nonchalance that gives the single its charm and makes it such a relaxing lullaby, and that’s not just because of the sound… Lyrics such as “every time I close my eyes I think of you” and “I don’t want to wake up” make us just want to dose off into a fuddle and give over to the peace and calm of the sound of Imbibe.

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