Saint Djuni – Weird Year

Saint Djuni open up about their 2020 in their new single ‘Weird Year’, its guitar-filled soundscape supports the smooth vocals and soft harmonies that colour ‘Weird Year’. The single is a simple pop song, one that open-heartedly paints the picture of taking the pressure of and sharing personal stories and perspectives on the year of which no one could have ever imagined it would turn out the way it did.

“It’s been a weird year, but I’m still here, talking to my friends through the atmosphere. Making big waves, but only on the internet…” the single talks of connecting with friends and soon to be friends via internet, we have all missed personal connections yet being online has also given us the opportunity to create important relationships with people from all over the world. Saint Djuni is the perfect example being created by a duo that met in two different countries; Estonia and France, and those two creatives have two different nationalities; Curacao and Sweden. Duo Rasmus and Clifford created their musical group as a positive outlet right when the pandemic started and they immediately hit the ground running, and now they just can’t stop anymore. Saint Djuni needs to be heard.

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