Jacob Reddy – Outside The Box

“What I watch a band perform live, nothing beats the moment when you lose yourself in the music, when you’re belting out the lyrics of a favourite tune that just sticks in your head – that perfect connection between the singer, the song and the crowd. That’s what I’m hoping to create with my own music – to write memorable, crowd-pleasing anthems!”

Jacob Reddy succeeded in writing both a memorable and crowd-pleasing song, ‘Outside The Box’ is his latest alternative folk track and it is hook- and ‘hey!’-filled and hard to shake off after listening! The sixteen-year old singer songwriter translated his inspiration taken from artists such as Frank Turner and The Lottery Winners into an up tempo and energetic love song that is both easy to sing along to and heart-warming. We all love a musician that wears his heart on his sleeve and won’t go truthful clichés out of the way. ‘Outside The Box’ talks about finding a way to win over that special someone and if this song doesn’t do it, I don’t know what does!

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