Gabrielle Ornate – The March of the Caterpillars

Lovers of dark alternative music; buckle up! There is someone you should meet, it is Gabrielle Ornate and the phenomenal and talented songstress just released her new single ‘The March of the Caterpillars’. The song is an empowering and ever changing alternative pop song mixed with influences from alternative and emo rock with sparkling clean vocals that shine like a diamond and give the at all times surprising soundscape that bit of structure it needs.

“The March of the Caterpillars is a fable about respecting one’s roots; blossoming the connection between worlds. As life continually evolves, like how a caterpillar transitions into a butterfly, one must not forget the genesis of their journey.” I don’t think there would have been a better way of translating this message into song. There are elements of dark synth pop, an almost haunting intro that transitions into a more upbeat soundscape evolving around Gabrielle’s cutting vocals which from then on keeps evolving from soft and slow into punchy and upbeat! Gabrielle seems to have blossomed into a beautifully colourful butterfly that is ready to conquer the world with her renewing sound.


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