Gabrielle Ornate – Waiting To Be Found

Gabrielle Ornate is back with her stunning alternative pop song ‘Waiting To Be Found’. The UK-based songstress creates music where ethereal, edgy lyrics, epic synthesizers, and riffing strings meet “in a kaleidoscopic sound world”, and she definitely delivers on her latest single.

Lyrically, Ornate describes the experience of wanting to find and know someone. She is stuck in limbo, ‘Waiting To Be Found’ by a person who seems to be waiting for her also. It’s a frustrating conundrum that she expresses brilliantly, describing what she would do if the two in wait actually met. Her lyrics suggest the obstacles preventing them from knowing each other are both real and constructed. It’s a relatable struggle—how often do we wait to hear from someone when we could reach out first?

The song’s thoughtful lyrics are matched by the massive soundscape Ornate builds. Its layers of freewheeling guitar and bass, dark, heavy synths, and echoed background vocals amplify and help centre the singer’s voice. It’s pop with an attitude, just at the cusp of rock, and an impressive feat that gives us a song that soars.

Words by Tunika Onnekikami

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