Tito Jackson – Under Your Spell (album)

Tito Jackson‘s new album, ‘Under Your Spell,’ is now gripping the blues world. The album, which was only recently released, contains eleven nail-biting tracks that shine with star quality, as one would anticipate given his fame in the music world.

One of the many highlights of the new collection is ‘Love One Another,’ which is the lead single. Why? The message is more relevant than ever, with Tito yearning for a better world free of prejudice and hatred. The official music video for the song reinforces the idea by featuring some of the world’s most renowned people showing their support for Tito and encouraging others to spread love.

‘Under Your Spell,’ the album’s title tune, is a blues-rock stomper featuring Joe Bonamassa, the famed rock guitarist. It’s a joy to listen to, and the guitar crunch is easy to lose yourself in as the song unfolds. Similarly, Tito rips through his vocal performance with ease, and his low-quality timbre keeps the excitement flowing for the entire album, as it does on every track.

Several celebrities appear in ‘Rock Me Baby,’ including George Benson, Claudette King, and others. It takes the album’s direction in a new order, with a soulful rock beat leading the way. The vocals take a while to join in, but once they do, the intensity levels soar to new heights, filling the senses with warmth.

‘I Got Caught (Loving In A Dream)’ is the album’s closing tune, and it closes it up beautifully. Its delivery is gentle, and Tito’s harmonic performance pierces the heartstrings.

Words by James Davids

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