Hollows – You’re Fine

Manchester-based alternative indie four-piece Hollows have just released their new single ‘You’re Fine’, a refined and slowly built up piece of pop! The band was formed in early 2017 by singer and guitarist Sean Davies and have been steadily building and emphasising their sound since. Theirs is an anthemic one a la Blossoms and The Charlatans, a dramatic and grand gesture with a cheeky undertone.

‘You’re Fine’ is about wanting more, “it’s about wanting that little bit more than you have out of life but also understanding that what you have is okay and you’re doing all that badly. Being proud of your accomplishments however big or small.”

Their soaring sound is a hint to their influences, and ‘You’re Fine’ will be right up your street if you’re a fan of The Cure, Kings of Leon and or The Strokes. Now that restrictions have lifted we are hoping that Hollows will soon return to the stage, we are already imagining their energetic sound blasting from a set of speakers while the band perform their act on stage.

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