Urban Architects – A Stroke of Luck

Nostalgic for early noughties indie rock? Urban Architects’ has you covered with their single ‘A Stroke of Luck’. The Liverpudlian guitar band tells the story of a pair of lovers who were separated after the Berlin Wall went up in 1961, reuniting only after its fall in 1989. “The song conveys a message of hope that if people can spend nearly three decades apart, people can get through anything.”

Fans of Arctic Monkeys, The Zutons, and Spector, British guitar bands who influenced Urban Architects here, will appreciate ‘A Stroke of Luck’. The track features catchy riffs and hooks, and a layered outro that pays direct homage to Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’. Despite its 20th century story and noughties influences, the song was made with today’s struggles in mind. The chorus tells us “A stroke of luck is all you need/To get yourself back on your feet”, showing the song’s message is as much about remaining hopeful through difficult times as it is about having a bit of luck.

Words by Tunika Onnekikami

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