2in1: Luke Pauley & Limón Limón

Luke Pauley – Feel Alive

The warm voice of Luke Pauley welcomes his listeners into autumn-coloured woods filled with a dozy mist of folk pop. It’s a fascinating soundscape that has coloured my days since its release. ‘Feel Alive’ was written on a sunny afternoon, “I was fiddling around with some chords on an organ and this amazing feeling just rushed over me.” Luke knows how to translate the amazing feeling he had into a universal sound that gives his listeners that same amazing feeling! The lyrics came together while mowing grass, “the good words stuck and much like the grass, the rest were cut away.”

Limón Limón – Northern California

We’re continuing the laid back surf pop vibe with indie duo Limón Limón’s new single ‘Northern California’. Thumping yet relaxed and covered in a soothing calm is what their new masterpiece sounds like. ‘Northern California’ builds upon an easing soundscape and echoing harmonies, the duo talks about places we keep returning too, “I keep coming back”. It is a layered and infectious release, one that is hard to ever forget, it is as the single describes, “everywhere I turn, your face, it follows me…”

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