Seraphina Simone – O M D

Seraphina Simone is a grower, she grew on me and she did so quickly. Her debut single ‘Cherry <8’ was a true pop gem and even though it was one hard to top she has done it again with the two singles that followed up her debut. The young pop artist is back with new single ‘O M D’, a single that takes on a slow introduction, one that almost made me turn off the music… However, the song continues in a tingling and infectious alternative pop sound that takes good use of unexpected changes and hooks and shines bright light on the clean cut voice of Seraphina Simone.

‘O M D’s message is deeply personal and shows a more fragile side of Seraphina’s musical pallet. She contemplates on love, loss and the impact of mental health on relationships and life in general. Age plays no part in her open-hearted way of writing lyrics and with ‘O M D’ we feel part of the pain Seraphina felt when parting ways with the person she pushed away by trying to help…

‘O M D’ hides a dark message behind an infectious and rather airy soundscape that brings a smile to my face, again and again.

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