Posable Action Figures – Black Leather

Scottish duo Posable Action Figures have released a new and fuzzy alternative rock track, ‘Black Leather’ is filled with energy and soaring vocals! Their new single is slightly less energetic than the duo’s previous releases yet is better structured and builds towards an explosive and grand chorus that is what makes ‘Black Leather’ stand out.

Posable Action Figures introduce their new release with an intriguing soundscape that makes it hardly possible to sit still. An artistic and rhythmic sound, warm basslines and contrasting vocals tell of “When desire and temptation win and you are left wishing you were better, but knowing that you’re not…”

‘Black Leather’ is the fourth single of the band’s upcoming debut album which is planned for release early next year. The single is infectious and has an interesting touch to it, one that makes me long for more… Yet slightly different, I’m curious to see where the duo are headed!

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