Local Nomad – Snakechild

A Muse-like, intense sound and warm, infectious vocals welcome us into Local Nomad‘s new musical dream world. ‘Snakechild’ is his new single, a worthy piece of anthemic indie rock that comes with an interesting and unveiling video. The single was named after New Jersey music scene legend Snakechild and tells a story of mischief rebellion and a night gone terribly wrong.

Artist Michael Desmond is better known as Local Nomad and with his musical brainchild captures a 70’s aesthetic and sensible pop sounds a la Gnarls Barkley, throw in some soulful vocals and airy synths and what comes out is Michael’s infectious and rather inventive sound! Michael played in several indie rock bands before he hit the music scene on his own and it’s been an exciting whirlwind!

Since he’s been influenced by artists such as Tears for Fears, Elvis Costello and Phil Collins, Local Nomad is one to stay on my mind as well as his new release, hoping for some more in the near future.

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