Fossway – Live In The Fire

Alternative rock outfit Fossway have finally released a new and riffing single that works incredibly well both live and recorded. The band were one of the last bands I got to experience live and their performance has been stuck in my head since. Even though the band numbered down a band member their stage performance seems to have improved more than ever. Their fiery attitude and musical confidence inspired me and made me want to be able to play an instrument myself.

‘Live In The Fire’ seems to mark the start of a new chapter for Fossway since the band signed with Pillar Artists as their label, a collaboration that already looks like it has paid off. The band are louder, more convincing as well as more open-hearted and nothing seems to be able to stop them now!

The single, together with previous release ‘Grey Cloud’, follows up the bands’ debut EP which was released last November and even though the band couldn’t play live shows this year as much as they would have wanted, Fossway show that it’s not all about live music since recorded music can be just as good, exciting and energising! ‘Live In The Fire’ is renewing, intriguing and infectious and tells the story of the bands’ journey, the burning desire to play live shows in front of a real audience and the positive sides of touring the country to unknown cities.

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