SCORS – Under The Sea

SCORS have released a new single that is made up of several different soundscapes and almost sounds like an entire EP fitted into more than four minutes of a combination of alternative indie and a hint of dream pop. The intro of ‘Under The Sea’ is slow paced and builds up towards an eruptive chorus that seems to be the intro of another single. SCORS do it the way I haven’t heard it before and even though I am not the biggest fan, it’s inventive and they have piqued my interest.

The South East London-based outfit are a rising quartet that aim to fuse hazy soul and dreamy psych pop into a unique sound that is all theirs. First half of the single is a soothing soundscape that is almost narcotic yet second half is an indie jam that wouldn’t look out of place on endless festival greens. It is the evolvement of both sound and band that promise big things for the up and comers that are set to release their debut EP some time next year.

What do you think?

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