Leopard Rays – Need You

Hartlepool-based alternative rock outfit Leopard Rays have released new single ‘Need You’ on the 30th of October and show that their energy hasn’t decreased an inch. Distorted guitar riffs, passionate and soaring vocals and a rhythm that resembles early Oasis are what make up Leopard Rays’ latest single. In my humble opinion it is one of their best singles to date, since it’s grandiosity shows how ready the band are for bigger and better audiences and stages.

Layered guitar riffs, reverb-soaked vocals and a simple yet successful pop sound make ‘Need You’ an almost guaranteed success-track. Seeing the band have been inspired by artists such as Pearl Jam, Oasis and Ride does not surprise me and make me want to listen to their previous releases again. I have kept eyes and ears on the band yet was never completely sold, however ‘Need You’ seems to do the trick!

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