Derek Luttrell – Red

Derek Luttrell writes soothing blues rock and has a soft and warming voice that feels like a comforting hug while listening. He recently released his new single ‘Red’ and it is a laid back, rhythmic song with a grand build up and a refined chorus that doesn’t build upon ooh’s and aah’s but an infectious bass beat. While listening to ‘Red’ I wonder what the sound is building up towards, since the composition shows a climbing rhythm but seems to roll back just a little every time it nearly reaches the top…

Nearing the third minute of ‘Red’ the summit comes in sight, displaying a riffing instrumental piece that introduces the end of this new release and shows all different spectrums of Derek’s musical abilities. This is what he is made to do, to write a story and to make his listeners feel like they have reached a high point after listening.

“‘Red’ is a song about building rage and the futility of giving in to it.” and also makes an appearance on the newest album, ‘The Wolf Who Cried Boy’. Before I give away too much, I’m going to listen to the rest of the album, hoping and expecting it being as good as ‘Red’!

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