Motherland – Starting Blocks

I used to say that pop punk was something that was dated and shouldn’t return but it seems that only goes for certain cases and somehow Motherland got me intrigued. Their new single ‘Starting Blocks’ shows such fiery and anger that all I want to do is to keep listening and to hear more. It helps that the band know the perfect mix of vocals and instrumentals, ‘Starting Block’ is a well-balanced and soaring alternative rock/ pop punk song that is hard to shake off since it seems just so… Similar.

The North East-based five-piece proudly portray their colossal sound, one that echoes, shifts and shivers. Their new single was written while in lockdown with the “lyrics detailing the breakdown of a relationship and the difficulties of sustaining a relationship throughout the pandemic.”

I reckon a lot of us have had to deal with this kind of situation and I am of the opinion that Motherland have done a terrific job in translating those feelings into song, you can have a listen below!

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