Moncrieff – America

Moncrieff is an artist that has grown on me a lot the past couple of months, and the biggest reason for that is because he will always be a mystery to me. I wasn’t the biggest fan of some of his past releases since I found them a bit too much written for the public instead of for the artist himself… Now chances are his latest release ‘America’ is no exception but I can’t let go of what he has done to ‘Macarena’!

There is no way I would ever be able to sit still while listen to ‘America’ and the track instantly brings a smile to my face. It is the incredibly filling soundscape, the feeling of community and the unbelievably infectious sound of it, there is not much like it. His new song is a satirical look at the American culture and a social commentary on the big brother of the world. “… but disguised as a TikTok-friendly viral internet urban pop banger.”

Since I love a good dance and this song lends itself for one rather well, I’m a fan, but we’ll see what his upcoming EP ‘The Class of 2020’ will do to me… And you!

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