Simone’s Favourites

The amazing Simone, better known as Ninetysix, recently released her new single ‘Moodswinging’ and since it is such a refined piece of soothing pop it was time to get to know her a little better!

Where do you find new music and inspiration?

Mostly I find new music through Spotify algorithms and Spotify’s Discover weekly/ Daily mix playlists. I also like to look up the artists on Instagram and using Instagram’s algorithm for suggested accounts or just browsing on the artists’ pages to see collaborations or shout-outs to other artist. Also YouTube is a great place to find new artists and their awesome videos. I also find other local artist through performing at the same events, and I used to find them through sick line-ups on parties.

My inspiration for lyrics usually comes from my challenges and lessons in life. Whenever emotions are overflowing I put my experiences into words, it’s quite therapeutic. Musically, I love getting inspired by my guitar. I don’t have a lot of knowledge of music theory so I just like ‘making up’ chords and usually really unique melody lines start flowing as I harmonise with m’lady. Also sometimes I feel like I just get ‘downloads’ from the universe (yeah I know, it sounds quite out there) but sometimes a random melody will get stuck in my head and needs to come out in a song. When I follow this flow usually whole songs just pop out in a sick freestyle.

What’s your favourite place to listen to or write music?

I love hanging out in my cosy bedroom, burning some incense, light a candle or have
some moody lighting on to set the vibe. But I’ve also got a really good atmosphere going
on in my studio, I’ve got really nice lights (even disco balls!) and some really good
production monitors, so I usually end up having dance parties all by myself. A nice
walk in the woods or just chilling by a lake (or any nice green spot really!) helps to keep the
creative juices flowing and the good vibes growing. But really depending on when I’m
inspired I’ll basically write anywhere, usually just notes on my phone or voice memos,
depending on whether I’m in a hurry or riding a bike. (don’t tell the police please! You’ll
get a big fine if you use your phone on the bike here in the Netherlands).

What activity are you unable to do without music?

I actually almost have music on 24/7. I got playlists for every mood & moment of the day
haha. But with cleaning, driving my car and travelling in public transport is listening to
music ESSENTIAL for me. I’m quite the anxious person and music really keeps me in my
relaxed safety bubble.

Top 10 favourite tracks (at the moment! this changes constantly)

  1. Beefcake – Jade Chicada
  2. Alien sex magic – Govinda
  3. Cake – Ivy lab
  4. Night drive – Ari Lennox
  5. Try – Cabu, LILI N
  6. Mr Nice – Ganja White Knights
  7. 6’s to 9’s – Big Wild, Rationale
  8. Aura – SG Lewis, J Warner
  9. Your touch – Klyne
  10. Liberated from the Negative – Abakus

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