The Round Up – November

The Native – Frontline

Alternative rock outfit The Native have just released their thumping, powerful new single ‘Frontline’. Their soundscape consisting of surging guitars and grand piano lines make for their sound to be just that bit different from others within their genre. ‘Frontline’ is almost emotional with the vocals shining bright in the midst of the mix.

NOPRISM – Happiness

‘Happiness’ was inspired by the challenges of lockdown and is a slice of incredibly infectious electronica-infused alternative modern new wave with a hint of 80’s funk and a groove that is hard to get out of your head. It is the new single of North East locals NOPRISM and it is one so fun I find it hard to take it off repeat.

Swine Tax – Relax

Swine Tax have released a new fast paced, high energy punk track that is like a shot of caffeine in the morning. Hard to shake off and gives you the shivers, there’s no escaping Swine Tax. ‘Relax’ does not sound relaxing but is an ode to Newcastle’s primal club scene. “It’s the intoxicated internal monologue of a big night out – the dancing, flirting, chest-crushing bass, rushes of blood, heightened senses, cutting loose and coming undone.”

The Pale Kings – Poison Darling

Jangling indie pop outfit The Pale Kings have just released their new single ‘Poison Darling’, a catchy track with a Johnny Marr-esque sound and riffs. Inspired by some of the mod greats it is hard for me personally not to like this song yet nearing the end the vocals of The Pale Kings become rather high pitched which made me zone out a little bit. Overall a great and infectious track!

Freq Farm – Never Let You Go

Alternative surf pop outfit Freq Farm have released a rather laid back and calming yet infectious new single, ‘Never Let You Go’ showcases a nostalgic vibe of longing for better times. Its smooth melody combines well with the catchy chorus and shows another sides of the bands’ musical spectrum since their previous releases spun around a grittier style of rock and roll. The song came to front man Joseph in a dream and is now following me around in my dreams!

Feralman – When All Is Almost Lost

Brand new alternative folk artist Feralman just released his debut single ‘When All Is Almost Lost’, one that showcases his pleasant voice and dreamy pop-fuelled soundscape. “‘When All Is Almost Lost’ paints an image of contemplation between life and death, capturing a sense of raw primal emotion and the expansiveness of feeling isolated.” For fans of Nick Mulvey, Bear’s Den and Ben Howard.

Walden – 5 Years

Dutch experimental shoegaze outfit Walden have released a new single that comes with an intriguing video, their weird indie fuzz matching perfectly with the rather eccentric video! ‘5 Years’ is the last release ahead and taken from their debut album which is due for release on the 15th of January. The Dutch industry is watching and exciting for what is coming, which, automatically, makes me excited too!

Animal Breakdown – Almost Lost

An 80’s inspired track, filled with echo, intriguing vocals and a laid back soundscape are what sums up London-based Animal Breakdown’s new single ‘Almost Lost’! Weirdly enough I truly feel the title of the track matches its sound almost seamlessly. A thought through build up makes for the hazy and ever changing shoegaze-like soundscape to stay interesting up until the very end!

The Republic Tigers – Risky Business

This disco-influenced, upbeat and at times rather moody sounding track is one hard to summarise. The Republic Tigers are doing ‘Risky Business’ with their newest release, one that sounds as if being taken from the 80’s and sprinkled with some modern beats to make it blend in more. It is a refreshing and catchy mix of shoegaze, dream and alternative pop!

Medium Build – Good At Being Lonely

Now the title of this song would be beneficial to all of us especially since we are in the middle of a second lockdown in the UK. Medium Build offer a comforting new track to bounce along to on rainy afternoons. ‘Good At Being Lonely’ is a brass-filled alternative pop track folded around warm, calming vocals and appealing harmonies!

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