Sunlust – Orange (video)

Independent alternative grunge outfit Sunlust have just released their debut single and video for ‘Orange’! The Toronto-based outfit have had two years of experience in creating music together and are building their reputation slow but steadily. The intro of new single ‘Orange’ is fuelled by a grand, thumping beat and screeching guitars, it’s an intriguing door that slowly sweeps open and shows the bands’ soaring vocals and changing soundscape!

The accompanying video is an energetic one and shows the trio jumping around to their music, shadows against an orange background. Reading their biography I doubted their honesty for a moment as they stated being ‘female-fronted’, it was then I realised those soaring and raspy lead vocals were of a woman. Impressive to say the least, and admiring to hear their uncapped energy that keeps building up throughout the track.

“‘Orange’ is about feeling alienated amongst your peers and only having your own inner world for comfort.” I think that the band translated being in that inner world rather well with their video, have a look and listen and let us know what you think!

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