KOYO – Walking On Air

A gritty, fast paced new track has been released by Yorkshire-based alt rock band KOYO. Intriguing, hazy and nearly whispering vocals lead the way through ‘Walking On Air’. It’s catchy, hook-filled and builds upon an alternative rock-inspired soundscape and punchy screams. ‘Walking On Air’ makes me think of a haunted house on a fun fair, yet is not so much haunted, but more surprising. There is something new and exciting on every corner and after every guitar riff.

The band was lucky enough to work with Strokes-producer Gordon Raphael after the release of their second album which was released earlier this year. Combined forces make for a great slice of psych rock with a hint of punk. Behind the punchy and seemingly tough attitude of ‘Walking On Air’ hides a more honest message. ‘Walking On Air’ talks about emotions and being able to speak them openly and truly, as well as those who pretend and portray a perfect life without being honest, to their followers and to themselves.

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