Premiere: Primes – Shangri-La

One of my favourite alternative rock trios is back with new single ‘Shangri-La’ and I’m here to premiere it! ‘Shangri-La’ is Primes‘ new single and due for release tomorrow but you can have an exclusive pre-listen right here, right now. The Scottish outfit have outdone themselves once again with a soaring, harmonious and euphoric new single. Their anthemic sound is bringing a smile to my face, time and time again, ‘Shangri-La’ is no different with its smooth compositions and soothing harmonies.

Flirting with catchy pop lines Primes fall in-between genres, creating their own sound and standing out while doing so. “‘Shangri-La’ is an imaginary paradise, heaven on earth and the fulfilment of our wildest fantasies.” I wasn’t aware of that place having a soundtrack, but I guess it has one now! “Life can be tough, it will throw you curveball, it’ll beat you down and its not always rainbows and butterflies. What makes us keep going? It’s hope.”… And music, in particular, Primes.

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