Chasing Tales – Fly High (video)

Chasing Tales is Hamburg-based singer songwriter Heiko who recently released his new single ‘Fly High’, written on the train from Amsterdam to Berlin while going back just didn’t seem right… It is his almost hypnotic voice that gives the track its bright and vibrant colours, making this eclectic folk-inspired track one that sticks with you.

Slow paced, hazy yet still exciting is what ‘Fly High’ is. It resembles bits and pieces of musical pieces of art by some of my favourite artists such as Xavier Rudd, Didirri and The Paper Kites. A soothing sound that some might say is just a bit too long, where is the exciting hook that keeps the energy and momentum going? It’s not there, it’s Chasing Tales not giving in to what others want to hear.

‘Fly High’ is what I need during my mediation, my yoga practices, to keep me focused and to silence my mind. The storm in my head takes a break to listen to Chasing Tales. “How can YOU keep your feet on the ground?”

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