Eve Conway – Crucified By Hurricanes

Eve Conway took little pieces of bright blue sky and translated them into song, she took the sound of the birds and gave them a voice. Sounds a bit dramatic? No, it doesn’t, it is the perfect (excuse my humility) way of describing what Eve Conway sounds like. She is a talented North East-based artist and singer songwriter and recently released her new country folk-pop single ‘Crucified By Hurricanes’.

It is a rather classical folk-inspired piece, a grand and filling soundscape and her angelic voice shining bright in the midst of the mix. At times I would possible call this too goody-goody, where is the stubbornness and the spirit? With Eve, the stubbornness lies in her creating a sound that seems not to be made anymore, a classical, almost dated sound. One that is elaborated with so much love and care, that it can never ever be outdated.

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