Get to know Nøelle

Wales-based emerging alternative pop artist Nøelle is making her way into the scene, with her new single ‘LVCIE’ due for release next month! Being inspired by artists such as AURORA and Florence + The Machine, Nøelle promises to leave an impression, and I’ll know, because I have already heard ‘LVCIE’… So I grabbed my chance to get to know Nøelle just a little bit better, before I’ll have to get in line!

When and why did you start making music?

My dad was a musician so I grew up around music, most of my childhood memories were in the local music shop where I spent most of my time. I started making my own music quite late in life when the rose tinted glasses slipped and I needed a way to deal with the real world I started writing mostly to channel a lot of the thoughts and emotions I knew I couldn’t express to the people closest to me.

What has motivated you throughout the years to keep making music?

The feelings music can create is something that keeps me writing and working on my music. I used to be in a professional church choir when I was younger and that was where I learned to truly love music. There are literally note combinations that will create a physical vibration when sung together and occassionally I’ll watch a film or stumble across a song that has something like that, a swell or a harmony that just hits you right where it hurts and moments like those are why I am constantly falling in love with music.

What life lesson did you take from the pandemic/ lockdown?

One lesson the pandemic has taught me is how the people that surround you can completely change your universe. I left a loveless relationship a week before the lockdowns began and I stayed in complete isolation in my London flat for 3 months just giving myself the time to remember who I am. I currently live with a family member I never really knew that well and this is the first time I feel like I can be myself around others and it’s encouraged me to work on my passions and become a better person than I ever was before. It’s terrifying how much just one person can make you lose yourself but the moment you start to love who are and understand how you work everything feels so much easier and clearer.

Make sure to follow Nøelle on Spotify to not miss the upcoming release!

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