Premiere: INU INU – Doubt

Emerging alternative dream outfit INU INU will be releasing their new single and live video ‘Doubt’ tomorrow but you can now listen and watch the video exclusively at the bottom of this article! The Dutch/ English band are heavily inspired by a raw 80’s sound and take on a modern DIY vibe that brings grand and filling compositions to the table.

‘Doubt’ is an atmospheric and charming piece of pop, swinging between dark and almost haunting compositions, and uplifting synths woven into this slow paced soundscape. This intriguing sound surrounds fragile, high pitched vocals that sing an enchanting story of hiding from love that brings doubt and insecurities. INU INU are known to translate personal stories into dark and melancholic alternative pop. A sound that is at the same time also energetic and uplifting and achieves its goal when it has made its listener feel something… ‘Doubt’ made me feel like I was being guided through a maze, coming out at the end realising it was just a dream, yet somehow all seems clearer.

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