Ones to Watch – UK Edition

The Super Pumas – Dead Beat Path

Scottish alternative rock trio The Super Pumas have released their new single ‘Dead Beat Path’, showing off their stubborn attitude in the form of a punchy track with an almost fragile message. It is their grand and filling soundscape, soaring vocals and intriguing drums that truly pull me into ‘Dead Beat Path’!

DD Allen – I See You in the Dark

A tingling Cure-like sound introduces us to DD Allen’s new single ‘I See You in the Dark’. A singer songwriter that creates the sound of a full band, you may wake me up for it! His 80’s inspired rock is refreshing yet simple, a catchy, emotionally-charged tale of broken romance and isolation, translated in an uplifting track.

Warmpth – Sweat

I forget when it was Warmpth launched themselves onto my radar, but they have been clinging onto it like a limpet. Then again, I’m glad they do, since new single ‘Sweat’ is another spot on and innovating alternative rock pop track. With hints to disco and a commercial electronic sound it’s hard to fit Warmpth into just one box, this band is not made for boxes. If you know Dutch alternative rock outfit De Staat you will most definitely hear the resemblance and I am here for it!

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