The Satellite Station – Caught In The Middle

The intriguing and hauntingly beautiful sound of The Satellite Station welcomed me back into its arms in the form of new single ‘Caught In The Middle’. I try to make sure not to have a few favourites, but The Satellite Station is making it hard for me to let go of any new song he releases. The intro of this new dream indie pop piece is a slow paced one, a misty forest that slowly turns into a green, open field under clear blue skies. The chorus of ‘Caught In The Middle’ is upbeat, uplifting and oh so infectious.

“‘Caught in the Middle’ is about how we are always looking back – focused on the life we used to have – or looking forward at the life we want, and that we don’t often appreciate what we already have.” Travis, the name behind The Satellite Station, knows how to tell a story and how to translate the joys of being a human into song. If you feel aimless at any time, give ‘Caught In The Middle’ a listen, it might just help you to get back onto your path…

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