Pieternel – I’m Ready

Pieternel‘s soothing folk sound made me think back of the days Jelka van Houten still released music, both Dutch artists have a refined sound that is simple yet catchy and works well in small venues as well as grand theatres. ‘I’m Ready’ is her latest release, and shines a bright light on her fine voice, one that could cut through glass and connects seamlessly with her folk-influenced Americana sound. She proves that Americana does not have to be boring and outdated, but glazes it with a modern pop mix which makes for a refreshing and comforting new release!

The Amsterdam-based songstress writes from her own experiences and ‘I’m Ready’ is no exception, it is the first single of her upcoming EP and tells a story of recovery, frustration, struggle and grief of not being able to continue living life as normal. She’ll be back to touring the theatres again as soon as possible and I would love to see a live version of ‘I’m Ready’!

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