HAERTS – It’s Too Late

I am truly hoping next year will be filled with more live shows, but if not, at least we’ll have HAERTS third album ‘Dream Nation’ to look forward to! Since I don’t like waiting around, I’m happy the indie dream pop duo have just released new single ‘It’s Too Late’. A rather commercial, and simple at times, sound that despite not being too inventive still has a relaxed vibe to it that results in an easy-listening pop single.

The duo created the upcoming album in about a month and recorded most of it with their touring band in New Orleans. The new album expands on HAERTS’ influences and takes on similarities to Portishead and Lamb, “We went into the studio without setting limits or parameters, other than that we wanted to make a record that moves you emotionally and physically.” It sure made me move along but I am still working on the emotional connection, their electronically-fuelled sound is not exactly what I usually enjoy most but it definitely is hard to sit still while listening!

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