Becoming Young – For My Father

Becoming Young writes songs that go straight to the heart, he reaches a spot that I usually try to ignore or hide behind others. ‘For My Father’ is an emotional and fragile ode to all fathers and whoever needs to hear that they will never be alone. Becoming Young’s clear vocals make this piano-driven folk pop ballad one that gives me goosebumps all over. There is a breakability in both his voice and the rather simple yet refined soundscape that make me want to run into Brandon’s arms to make sure he is okay.

However, listening to the lyrics of ‘For My Father’, Brandon’s father is the one that deserves a good and comforting hug. “Lyrically, this song is an honest assessment of a father’s trapped circumstance from a son’s perspective.”

‘For My Father’ is more open, honest and less commercial then his previous releases, something that suits him rather well. Even though the instrumental compositions might not be ground-breaking, the open-heartedness of his lyrics are what makes Becoming Young different and an artist to keep your eyes and ears on!

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