Highschool Jacob – Not Worth Dying 4

I started out listening to Highschool Jacob‘s new and infectious electro pop track ‘Not Worth Dying 4’ and ended up playing the video game that comes with it. Right, that probably confused you as much as it did me, talking about a versatile artist! However, I lost a few minutes in so I went back to listening to ‘Not Worth Dying 4’, it’s a lot more livening and will be part of my preparations to get back on the dance floor when we are safely able to do so again!

Highschool Jacobs creates little joyful gems filled harmonic and sometimes electronic beats, intriguing compositions and an intensity that builds throughout his songs. ‘Not Worth Dying 4’ is the third release of his ‘HSJ 2020’ collection. This collection comes paired with the before mentioned video game, each single has its own flash game, to bring some joy into our quarantined lives!

Highschool Jacob’s new single stands strongly on its own, but accompanied by a video game makes for an even stronger and rather unique release!

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