POESY – Diamonds

If you are a fan of alternative electro pop, POESY will be your new favourite Canadian singer songwriter! Blend some glimmering, mysterious pop, with a bit of Florence and the Machine, add an anthemic rock vibe and you’ve got ‘Diamonds’. It’s simply intense and rather catchy.

‘Diamonds’ was written and recorded in Toronto, the song being a confession on a fascination with time and that nothing lasts forever. “Every moment, be it good or bad, is fleeting, temporary yet utterly beautiful.” ‘Diamonds’ is one of those good moments, a sparkle of excitement that might not last long but at least we are able to play it again and again.

To friends and family, POESY is known as Sarah Botelho, and the powerful artist and her bag full of attitude and energy are promising more colourful pop singles. In its essence, they are nothing special, a catchy yet repetitive soundscape and good vocals, but something in Sarah’s sound caught me off guard and makes ‘Diamonds’ an outstanding new track!

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