2in1: Cody Feechan & Nathaniel Paul

Cody Feechan – Kingdom Caller

Scottish songstress Cody Feechan has released a new magical folk pop song; she is back on our radar with new single ‘Kingdom Caller’. With a creative and mesmerising flair, she brings her musical talent in the form of a laid back, soothing track. ‘Kingdom Caller’ is her third release of 2020 and has an almost bluesy allure to it. Cody’s clean cut vocals sing of mental health and a man being delusional, “‘Kingdom Caller’ was written about mental health; a man struggling mentally to the point of being delusional and believing he has everything he could want or need, when in reality he doesn’t have much at all and is very much alone.”

Nathaniel Paul – It’s All A Rage

Nathaniel Paul released his debut single less than a month ago but is already back for more. ‘It’s All A Rage’ is his new electro pop influenced single and talks about how the world seems to slowly be falling apart. His soothing voice and intriguing, catchy soundscape make for an interesting and ever changing single that showcases his musical and productional talents. With his solo project Nathaniel shows to be up to more than just writing and performing with The Bergamot, and I can’t wait to hear what the next single will sound like!

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