Ocean Flaws – Spirit Level

It hasn’t been easy for Essex based alternative rock group Ocean Flaws to release their sophomore single. The development of their latest track, ‘Spirit Level’, was cut short by the first national lockdown. The track was left half-finished in Liverpool’s own Sugar House, as the band needed to return home in time for the lockdown.

But as soon as Ocean Flaws could, they returned to Liverpool and like Doctor Frankenstein, they gave their creation a new burst of life and brought it back to the land of living.

The track is stuffed with cheesy writing akin to a 80s B-movie horror flick, making the track quite charming and fun. The lyrics are delivered really well by vocalist Callum Quirk as his performance washes over whilst being quite intimate. They have an ethereal quality to them, feeling weightless, and being a standout in the mix.

Quirk’s vocals also compliment the funky synth instrumentation, with the juxtaposition between the two working quite well. They balance each other out quite well, never making the track feeling too airy or too heavy.

The tracks retro vibe not only comes from the catchy hooks of the chorus, but also the gentle melodies and synth solos of the electronic soundscape. The incredible production creates sounds reminiscent of pop from decades gone, pulling it off perfectly.

If I were Mr. Nitpick, my one complaint would be that the track isn’t as engaging as it could be for the 3-minute 30 length. However, the track’s lush sonic environment is that enjoyable to be in that I don’t think it detracts from the overall quality of the track.

Ocean Flaw’s have proved yet again that they’re a band to watch out for. Their haunting arrangements, corny lyrics and production that sweeps over you create a track that is not to be slept on.

Words by Jake Anderson

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