Kill ‘Em Charlie – I Hope This Works for You (‘Cause it Does for Me)

Irish indie rock band Kill ‘Em Charlie have just released their new EP ‘I Hope This Works for You (‘Cause it Does for Me)’. The five track counting work of classic indie rock is fun, infectious and showcases the bands’ interpretation of early Arctic Monkeys. All songs have their own character and catchy chorus, Kill ‘Em Charlie truly make it a challenge not to move along to their alternative indie sound!

There’s a hint of raw, gritty rock, there’s some upbeat and charming pop and there is a whole lot of “we don’t care what anybody else thinks” attitude! Their five track counting EP starts of strongly with single ‘Dark Manoeuvres’, a very catchy and upbeat track that is for the most part instrumental yet it doesn’t bother me. The structure of Kill ‘Em Charlie’s sound is solid and builds up towards high and infectious choruses that are hard to forget!

‘Proper Quarter Life Crisis’ is a thumping, stumping and rather grand sounding track with an even more fast paced rhythm and bold vocals that stand tall, ready for any storm coming. Cliché harmonies break up the track, but cliché or not, they cross the bridge between alternative and commercial and make for an infectious breath of fresh air. ‘Victoria Avenue’ leans a lot more against alternative pop and with its slower rhythm gives us some time to lean back and take it all in before we head into the almost emotional and sensitive ‘One Thing to Say’. The band showcases their crafty build ups once again but this time with a more honest and personal love story that erupts in unexpectedly grand drums at the end of the second minute. The track ends in some intriguing “Tudutudu…”‘s.

Last track on the EP is the soaring ‘I’m Not Alone’, and again the band throw some surprising hooks in the mix that make it both painful and almost tear-jerking yet at the same time an upbeat and energising track!

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