Marie Naffah – Gabriel

From the very first tones of ‘Gabriel’, until the very last, Marie Naffah hit the right spot. Her beautiful, slightly raspy voice and the soothing piano play that forms the entire soundscape make for a stripped back and emotional single. Open and honest, telling a story of how meeting strangers is not always a bad thing that we need to avoid.

“We’re always told not to talk to strangers, but I did, and it was marvellous. Before too long, Gabriel was sitting at my piano, playing everything from jazz to Joni Mitchell. It made me cry. This song is an ode to him, to Gabriel, and to the serendipity of meeting strangers. After a year defined by social distance, I hope the track can be an antidote for pandemic isolation and distrust.”

I am currently a little lost for words and will be listening to ‘Gabriel’ on repeat as Marie Naffah spoke the words I couldn’t find.

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